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Boston Magician Near Me

The Boston and New Hampshire Magician With Six, Solid Guarantees and Is Background Checked

“I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with my magic, showmanship and customer service. You have my word on it.” -Dave Chandler, Professional Magician

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Great Magic for Corporate and Private Events!

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Corporate Events

Whether planning a trade show, hospitality suite, sales meeting, et cetera, Boston and New Hampshire Area Magician Dave Chandler knows how to weave the corporate message and work the crowd to create an exciting atmosphere that all guests will thoroughly enjoy. Read More

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Fairs & Festivals

Schools, universities, fairs, festivals, et cetera, have worked with magicians to enhance their events year after year with stellar results. Read More

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Celebrations | Special Events

Finding dependable, local entertainment can be a difficult task, whether for a birthday celebration, graduation, corporate picnic or other event. Now, you can rest assured your special activity will be a success, knowing you have access to a trusted and reliable source in the Boston & New Hampshire areas. Read More

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The Boston Magician

Boston Magician Dave Chandler Adds Excitement to Corporate and Private Events

Event planners in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond who need a polished, high-energy, society performer, need look no further because Dave Chandler is it! He is one of the most sought after entertainers in the Boston area because of his dazzling, jaw-dropping skill, humor, and a flair for interacting with the audience. Although Chandler is a national performer, most of his shows are in the New England area.

The Road to Success

Chandler discovered his passion for magic at the young age of 12. Seeking a creative outlet during his military career, Chandler returned to his childhood hobby of magic. Moreover, he became determined to take his magic to new heights. After years of self-study and performing, Chandler was formally trained at the Chavez College of Manual Dexterity and Prestidigitation. As a result, he is now a nationally acclaimed entertainer, performing amazing shows for corporate and private events, as well as theater.

Dave is known for his ability to please everyone from “hard-to-convince” skeptics to corporate CEOs. The key to his performance is pacing that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. In addition, his magic is engaging and interactive. For example, as Chandler put it, “Audience participation is what makes a great show. I guarantee that nobody will fall asleep or leave when I’m performing.” Chandler also says, “It takes years of practice and experimentation to know what type of material appeals most to an audience,  and I’ve learned that over the years.”

Chandler is adept at both close-up and stage magic.  He has an uncanny ability to walk into a room and engage people in a light-hearted, disarming fashion. He can entertain audiences of all kinds, but is forte is performing at corporate and private events. While his interpersonal skills allow him to excel at strolling, close-up magic, where his connection with the audience is key, his suave character on stage led to the creation of an award-winning act that received top honors at the 2014 International Battle of Magicians.  Currently, he performs his act regularly in the longest-running magic show in New York City, and occasionally makes the trip to  California to perform at the World famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  

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Corporate Magicians in Boston

When you need a Corporate Entertainer, Boston Magician Dave Chandler, is the solution.  “I work with event organizers who are bored of the same old traditional entertainment and are looking for a fun, dynamic approach to making their events impressive,” said Chandler. However, “It can be challenging to organize and run a great event.  For that reason, event planners like to avoid using the same format year-after-year.  That’s why my clients are seeking entertainment that is refreshing, exciting, and memorable.” 

Exceeding Expectations

Booking corporate entertainment can be daunting, and no event planner wants to get stuck with an entertainer who is boring and stale.  With Dave Chandler, you get an entertainer whose character is in keeping with your corporate values.  Moreover, he is skilled, witty and charming. He can walk into a room, sense the mood, and read the audience within seconds.  Above all, he knows how to leave the audience wanting more. For this reason, corporate event planners most often go with Boston magician Dave Chandler as their number one choice.

Breaking the Ice | Boston Magicians

Because attendees or guests can often be unacquainted, breaking the ice is key.  To do that, Dave works the room with his unique brand of magic and humor, engaging and interacting with your guests, leaving them excitedly talking about their experience.  Think outside the box by hiring a professional entertainer who can build the kind of interest and excitement that makes events fun and unforgettable.  Hire Boston Magician Dave Chandler! 

Dave is a creator and award-winning magician who has performed for a variety of audiences. He’s even performed for a few celebrities. He currently performs at trade shows, hospitality suites, holiday celebrations, and for a wide variety of private functions. He is available for bookings in the Boston area, New Hampshire, and beyond.

Proudly Served….

Veteran Boston Magician

…in the U.S. Army, and now a nationally acclaimed professional magician. Chandler, “The Boston Magician” focuses on corporate and family entertainment. While serving in the U.S. Army, Chandler learned the importance of excellence. If you want high-end, quality entertainment for your event by someone who knows about making things happen, then look no further. Contact Boston Magician Dave Chandler — book him today so you too can bring his interactive, mind-numbing magic and comedy to your next event!!! Dave is always available to answer your questions, so call today! (857) 244-0345

Most Shows and Services Include…

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…business related expenses, such as travel, meals, gas, tolls, consumables, equipment and materials, etc. || Set-up, show-time, break down || Performers liability insurance || Professional sound system, music, etc. With Boston Magician Dave Chandler, there are ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN FEES!

When you text or call Boston Magician Dave Chandler, you will not get a heavy sales pitch or pressure to book a show. FREE info: (857) 244-0345  If you happen to get a recorded message — please leave a voice mail: speak slowly and clearly, provide as much detail about your event as possible and Dave will personally return your telephone call within 24 hours!

Peace of Mind for my Clients

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When you are booking a professional entertainer (magician) several factors come into play. As with all goods and services, price is definitely an indicator, and entertainment is no different.  The lower the price, the more likely the magician is not an experienced entertainer.  However, I also know that in today’s market, clients are looking for value, which means they want a great show at a fair price.  I have a business formula that allows me to deliver just that.

I assure you, I’m not your uncle Bob or some guy who does a few cheesy kids’ party tricks, and my resume shows it.  As a multiple award-winner, performer in New York City’s longest running off-Broadway magic show, and one of the best magicians in Boston, my goal is to win your business, but my promise is to win the audience!


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